When It Rains It Tends To Spark Thoughts Within Me

Is it wrong to give up on the idea of having a successful life? to dream big and desire to achieve more? to push pass the limits that bound us and grow to become better than who we were.

I feel we were meant to live humble lives. Ones filled with effortless enjoyment, yet somehow we ended up creating a more complex way of living while dubbing it, “simple”.

When those who awake within this world want to dream big they must work harder than normal and be luckier then most, but is that really a way to live?

To falsify our irritation as honest work and our tired minds and/or bodies as proof of our achievements?

I do not see this as living, yet I understand many others will disagree with me. They will shy away from me or throw slander my direction because I sound as though I have “given up” or “not even tried” to be successful.

To that I simple ask them. . .Why must I try to happy?

Is not being born and alive enough? The world is so vast and normal things made simpler or easier to access, yet I must bend over backwards or participate in activities I dislike in order to become happy?

Is that not weird in and of itself? Is it not wrong to be tired of having to try?

I cannot help, but notice how redundant this all is.

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