What has always been there was forgiveness.

I have been through much.

Regret much and have had to accepts the flaws of my actions.

I have lied to myself, trapped myself in a maze of doubt and have spent so long seeking salvation.

Though salvation has always been in my grasp, I feared it.

Feared the possibilities that would only come with my downfall before my uprising.

To look at myself with a subjective mindset would only cast more doubts upon my heavy shoulders.

So I ran – ran as far as my legs could take me.

Without caring for those I trample on in the process.

Though harm has come to me, I ran long and far hoping for another to rescue me.

Yet I see – I see that I ran from nothing other than a figment of my imagination.

A ghost of my own resentment and regrets.

Afraid to face my own judgment I coward in fear.

Bringing with me harm that only I could stop, but I was blind.

To finally admit defeat and accept what is to come.

I turn to face my ghost only to see that he’s been waiting and smiling, hoping for the chance to reconcile.

shivers take me and I feel the salty, bitter tears of anger and happiness fall down my cheek.

What have I been running from? Why was I ever running when there was nothing to fear?

Questions rack my mind, but a warm hand lays upon my head.

As relief blankets itself over my cold body. I look up to witness a foggy smile of a warm face fade away.

I understand that it’s all been okay.

Acceptance of my own faults is something I learned the hard way.

So with a deep breath I begin my journey anew.

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